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Issued card transactions

The following page describes the essential parameters of the Issued card transactions tab. The tab is available only for users of the PaySend and Contis service providers, as far as the transactions are to be confirmed on the white label side. For more information on the service providers, see the Card issuing providers article.


The Issued card transactions tab includes the transactions list delivered by the service provider for confirmation. If a transaction corresponds to any hold from the Issued card holds list, the white label can confirm the transaction. The tab allows the white label to review, monitor, and confirm/decline card transactions. Once a reserved transaction is confirmed, it will be finally charged from the account.

Opening the item

Follow the steps below to see the list of transactions for review:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel

  2. Click Card Issuing on the left sidebar

  3. Go to the Issued card transactions menu item to open the list

Component parameters




The column demonstrates the masked card numbers. The complete card numbers are available only for the users for P2P payments processing.


The Reference Retrieval Number - a unique code assigned by an acquirer to an authorization. The code can also define the type of a transaction which is covered by the internal parameter in the Type column.

Auth Code

The unique authorization code for each transaction.


The transaction type that identifies the transaction Rrn code:

  • E-com purchase

  • E-com purchase refund

  • POS purchase

  • POS purchase refund

  • P2P credit

  • P2P debit

  • Balance inquiry

  • ATM cash withdrawal

  • POS cash advance

  • Credit

  • Debit

  • Unknown

  • Purchase with cashback

  • Credit payment


The transaction review status:

  • New - the transaction has not been reviewed yet;

  • Requested - the transaction matches a hold and its charging is requested;

  • Waiting for review - the transaction requires manual review;

  • Fraud review - the transaction is suspicious and requires manual review;

  • Ready to complete - the transaction is confirmed to be charged;

  • Completed - the transaction is successfully charged from the account;

  • Declined - the transaction charge is declined;

  • Fraud detected - the suspicious transaction is confirmed to be fraudulent and is not to be charged.

Match Decision

The column defines whether the transaction matches any hold from the Issued card holds tab. The following statuses are provided:

  • Unauthorized - the transaction does not match any hold - manual assistance required;

  • Review required - the transaction matches a hold in few parameters - manual assistance required;

  • Matched - the transaction matches a hold in a sufficient number of parameters - the corresponding hold can be confirmed.

Matched Level

The column defines which transaction parameters matched the hold ones.


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