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Issued card failed auth

The following page describes the essential parameters of the Issued card failed auth tab. The tab is available only for users of the PaySend and Contis service providers, as far as the transactions are to be confirmed on the white label side. For more information on the service providers, see the Card issuing providers article.


The Issued card failed auth tab provides the list of all rejected and canceled transactions of the cards issued on the platform. The list includes all types of unsuccessful transactions - they can be canceled/rejected either on the third-party side or for the White label part. The White label can monitor the list and support the clients in case of transaction rejection.

Opening the item

Follow the steps below to see the list of failed transactions:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel

  2. Click Card Issuing on the left sidebar

  3. Go to the Issued card failed auth menu item to open the list

Component parameters




Transaction internal identification number.


Financial Message Type Identifier that defines the transaction details, according to the ISO 8583 standard. For example, the message can include the card details, terminal identifier, transaction sum, and other information.


A text message defining the cancelation/rejection reason.

Created at

Date and time of the transaction request.


Click to access the current page right from the Admin Panel.

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