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Clearing process log

The following page describes the essential parameters of the Clearing process log tab. The tab is available only for users of the PaySend and Contis service providers, as far as the transactions are to be confirmed on the white label side. For more information on the service providers, see the Card issuing providers article.


The Clearing process log tab allows the user to monitor the process of transactions import. The transactions are delivered from the service provider in batches on a regular basis for further confirmation. The tab includes the information on the batches, the number of transactions in a single batch, and the number of transactions that have been successfully imported. Therefore, it is possible to monitor the transactions import and examine the errors, if any.

Opening the item

Follow the steps below to see the clearing logs:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel

  2. Click Card Issuing on the left sidebar

  3. Go to the Clearing process log menu item to open the list

Component parameters




The name of the Service provider the batch is received from.


The date when the batch transactions were executed.

Created at

The date and time when the batch import started.

Updated at

The date and time of the last update (completion or error)


Click to access the current page right from the Admin Panel.

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