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[2023] Crassula Release Week 29

core v.23.07.5-23.07.7
client v.23.07.3-23.07.5

New Features

API method for accounting

The new GET /api/reports/banking/accounting method is implemented to access Banking accounting reports. See Banking API for details.

Batch payments

The new Batch payments functionality is implemented in the Web Interface. Now clients can send multiple payments in one batch and manage them in the Web Interface. A detailed guide is to be provided in one of the upcoming releases. Contact your manager for additional details.

Open API integration

The new Open API allows to integrate third-party providers into your system. The implemented solution extends the list of possible service providers to deliver transaction execution and account opening. Contact your manager for additional details.



Now the top-up functionality is restricted for interledger accounts: Clients will not be able to top up a card account from an interledger account. See Accounts for additional details.

Administrative Panel

  • The Country field of a company profile is now empty by default when creating profiles manually. See Companies for details.

  • The new Primary email parameter is implemented for personal profiles to visualize the default email set by the client in the Web Interface. See Persons for additional details.


  • The response of the GET ​/api​/clients​/{clientId}​/transactions method is now sorted by the CreatedAt time instead of microtime.

  • The POST /api/clients/{{clientId}}/issued-cards/{{card}}/top-up method is provided with the new fromCurrency and toCurrency fields.

  • The PUT​/api​/clients​/{clientId}​/documents​/{id} and GET​/api​/clients​/{clientId}​/documents are provided with models and document descriptions.

  • The new GET ​/api/public/currencies method is implemented instead of the deprecated GET ​/api/currencies method. The functionality remains the same.

See Banking API for details.


  • Now it is possible to enable pre-approval for card top-ups with the top_up_pre_approval_enabled=true/false config.

  • The Date and Time columns are now merged into the Date (UTC) column for statements.

  • All dates in statements are now considered as UpdatedAt date and time. The updated value is also considered as the default one for sorting and filtering.

See Transactions for details.

Web Interface

  • The names of UK Local transfer fees are now updated for the Settings tab. Now all names are shortened to display their subtypes if present. For example, CHAPS, FPS, and others.

  • Email editing is restricted for suspended personal profiles.

See Banking Web Interface for details on the functionality.


Mobile Interface

Newly ordered virtual Railsr cards were not visible to the client, though were successfully created in the Admin Panel. Now the issue is fixed and the functionality works as intended.

Web Interface

Some unverified users could see their account details from the Dashboard. The issue is fixed and the access is restricted until the user is verified.

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