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[2023] Crassula Release Week 10

core v.23.03.2-23.03.6
client v.23.03.1-23.03.4

New Features

Company username

Now a username is generated automatically when a company profile is created. A username can be provided to other users as the main contact information for internal transfers. See Companies for additional details.


Administrative panel

  • The name of the CurrencyCloud service provider is changed from currency_cloud to currency_cloud_real in all related fields.

  • Logs in the Identification requests section are provided with request details along with responses. See Identification requests for additional details.

  • The Created by field is implemented for exported lists of persons and companies. Now it is also possible to see which Agent created the profile. See Persons and Companies for functionality details.

  • The Synchronization button is provided for suspended accounts to synchronize transactions with the service provider. See Accounts for functionality details.

  • GBP is no longer supported by Clearbank MCCY accounts.​

  • ​The Parameter Name and Parameter Value filters are implemented to filter out transactions by additional parameters. Now the Parameters field of transaction details shows the parameters and values. See Transactions for additional details.


  • The /api/public/authenticate endpoint response message is changed from Bad credentials to Invalid email or password. Please try again. The message is also mirrored for the Web Interface.

  • The new PATCH ​/api​/accounts​/{number}​/reactivate method is implemented to reactivate closed accounts via API. The functionality is supported by a limited number of service providers, such as Fireblocks, Litas Sepa, and Clearjunction. Contact your manager for the full list of supported service providers.

See Banking API for additional details.

Currency exchange

Kraken exchange transactions cannot be created anymore if one of the currencies is not supported.


The new Banking API quick start guide is now available to lead you through the API environment basics. See Banking API for details.

Web Interface

  • Closed primary accounts are no longer suggested in drop-down lists when making transfers.

  • The ampersand (&) sign is now allowed in the Name and Save as template fields for all types of transfers.

  • Now it is possible to create an account with the same name as that of the closed one. It is still impossible to have two active accounts with identical names.

See Banking Web Interface for additional details.


Web Interface

  • The validation error message could run across the Resend code button and other elements when enabling 2FA. Now the issue is fixed and the text message does not cover other UI elements.

  • Some payments could be sent by company staff with no permission for creating payments but with an access role for scheduled drafts. Now the issue is fixed and scheduled payments are not sent without confirmation from the company owner.

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