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[2023] Crassula Release Week 31

core v.23.07.10-23.08.2
client v.23.07.8-23.08.2

New Features

New workflow for managing limits

We're introducing new functionality to improve the way we work with limits.

Since Crassula relies on Huntli for secure and compliant fund transfers, we can now send information about limits to Huntli. This defines the amount and number of transactions allowed for a specific client.

To support this, we've updated the incomingMonthly and outgoingMonthly parameters in the /api/customers/create endpoint. These changes allow us to reflect the monthly client limits that are transferred to Huntli. If these limits aren't configured, the default limit is used.

See Limits for more detail.


Administrative Panel

The layout style of the Charged Fees section was aligned with similar sections of the Admin Panel.

See Banking for more information.


Changed the properties of the /api/public/register/full method: Now the countryCode, city, postalCode, and addressLine1 fields are mandatory.

See Banking API for details.


Improved the Crassula API Guide: Enhanced the section on transfers.

See the Crassula API Guide for more detail.


Removed brand names from SMS notifications related to the following actions: Using stored card in checkout widget, saving card in checkout widget, and using banking 2FA.

See Notifications for more information.

Mobile Interface

The Batch payments screen was adapted for the mobile application.

See Fiat batch payments for more detail.



  • Previously, when creating a Company via an API request, there was an issue that led to the incorrect display of the Incorporation date on the Web Interface side. Now the issue is fixed.

  • Clients faced an issue with missing Sort Code while creating FPS/CHAPS transfers. The issue is fixed with adding the recipientSortCode field to the /api/clients/{client_id}/existing-recipients endpoint.

See Banking API for details.

Administrative Panel

The Sync mandates action lead to an error while being applied to the ClearBank multi-currency accounts. Now the Sync mandates button is removed from the list of accounts for ClearBank multi-currency accounts, and the issue is fixed.

See Direct debit for more information.


  • Before, clients experienced an issue when sending funds to others and accidentally using their own account number. Now, accounts are checked so that funds won't be sent to the same account.

  • Previously, clients using the Railsr provider encountered a 500 error while synchronizing mandates through the Admin panel. The issue is resolved, and the functionality now works as intended.

See Transactions for details.

Web Interface

The Account details pop-up window was missing some of it’s elements. Now the window displays all elements as intended.

See Banking Web Interface for additional details.


An issue occurred when changing the 2FA application, as the verification code could not be validated. This issue is fixed now.

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