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Administration is a set of configuration rules that prescribes how the system must be operated.

Main functionality

Activity logs—the section provides log details on actions performed by Administrators in the Admin Panel. For example, you can monitor internal activity such as transactions, profile creation, and account opening.

Administrators—the functionality allows to see the list of Administrators and create new admin profiles.

Access Roles—the functionality allows to create a set of actions permitted for a group of Administrators.

Access Groups—the functionality allows to provide end users with access to the Admin Panel. For example, when a company accountant requires extended financial reports.

Authentication log—the section shows the sign-in logs.

Authentication—the section shows the list of all authentication attempts.

Legal documents—the section allows to setup documents that should be accepted by end users; for example, Term and Conditions.

Transfer provider operation time - setting up operation time of a transfer service provider.

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