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[2023] Crassula Release Week 22

core v.23.05.13-23.06.1
client v.23.05.7-23.06.1


Administrative Panel

  • Previously, the Decline button for transactions was visible only in the Edit mode. Now the button is available along with other actions in all transaction lists. The functionality allows to manually decline a transaction on the White Label side. See Transactionsand Transaction (pre-approval) for details.

  • Now the Utility bill documents used for Proof of address are automatically expired in 3 months. See Expiring documents for details on the functionality.

  • Now exported banking accounting reports are provided with the Country field to deliver a more detailed overview per country. See Accounting (Banking reports) for details.


The new timeZone parameter is implemented for the /api/clients/{clientId}/statement endpoint to define the client time zone in exported statements. See Banking API for endpoint parameters.


The new notification email is implemented to inform White Labels of a mismatch in the client’s name and legal name. See Personsfor parameter description.

Mobile Interface

  • The ampersand (the & sign) is no longer allowed in the Recipient name field when making a SWIFT transfer. The change is implemented to correspond to service provider requirements. API response details are also updated for Mobile and Web Interfaces to correspond to the changes.

  • The Payment description field value is now limited to 35 symbols for Internal transfers.

See Banking Mobile Interface for additional details.

Web Interface

  • Now it is possible to transfer crypto funds between own accounts.

  • Now IBANs are validated to correspond to the international format. If an invalid IBAN is entered in the IBAN or Account number fields, a corresponding error message is shown.

  • The apostrophe (the ' and “ signs) is automatically changed to a blank space when resolving a Bank name from an IBAN.

  • The State field is implemented for billing address when ordering a plastic card from the Web Interface. The minimum number of digits in the Postal code field is decreased from 5 to 4.

See Banking Web Interface for additional details.


Mobile Interface

Unsupported currency pairs are no longer provided with exchange rates on selection. A corresponding error message is implemented.

Web Interface

  • Previously, ClearBank GBP transactions were followed by fees for external transactions. Now the issue is fixed and fees are charged for transfers between own accounts, as intended.

  • An error occurred when logging in using the 2FA method. Now the issue is fixed and the log in process works as intended.

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